As a newbie to TechnoSmarts, and the staffing agency industry in general, I had (and will continue to have) a lot of questions. For instance, why, (in 1997), did someone who had a fellowship at Harvard Medical School, was a faculty member of Washington University Medical School and currently is a director for a major pharmaceutical firm, decide to create a staffing agency? In short, Rao was bitten by the technology bug in the early 1990s.  Back then, he was employed as a Radiology Instructor and Researcher in the development of anti-cancer drugs, cancer diagnosis and other medical fields, while operating TechnoSmarts from a spare bedroom in his home. Rao’s vision, nearly two decades later, has developed into a successful, multi-million dollar company.

How did Rao find me?  After recently re-locating to Missouri, I had been searching for employment for a month (which seemed like an eternity!) and had applied for every position for which I was qualified (and some I wasn’t) in the St. Louis area. I created a resume (so that I could easily attach it to cover letters and instantly apply for employment) on Career Builder and Monster.  Then I had to choose whether or not to make my resume searchable.  What?! You mean employers can just look at it?! I’m a fairly private person (I only recently re-activated my Facebook account so that I could manage the TechnoSmarts Facebook Page) — I was hesitant to put myself out there.  Long story short:  I posted my resume and made it searchable by employers – Rao found my resume – My phone rang – It was Piper, from TechnoSmarts, wondering if I would be interested in interviewing for an Administrative Assistant position at TechnoSmarts! Yes, yes I would!

Is Rao good at what he does? Absolutely! He found me, didn’t he? Bahaha

Is it worth the effort of putting yourself out there? Definitely! Create your resume, keep it updated and Post it – everywhere!!  A recruiter is searching for you, too!

(Note: Rao and the TechnoSmarts Recruiters also recommend the following career-building / networking websites: Linked-In, DICE, Indeed  and Career Marketplace, to name a few.)

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