Memorable slogan, right? On my first day at TechnoSmarts, it seemed like I was in the middle of random chaos.  How could random chaos possibly produce high quality anything? Seven weeks later, the deer in the headlights look (which is always on my face, when I am out of my comfort zone) is a distant memory and I’m finally settled into my position enough to realize that it’s not random chaos at all – more like organized, goal-oriented frenzy! A frenzy that is continuously producing high quality results for both our clients and candidates. The recruiters are all diligently working towards producing the most qualified candidate that will fit our client’s needs – crazy busy on the phone, in meetings, on conference calls and scouring career websites; each recruiter using his/her own unique set of tools and level of professionalism with which they represent TechnoSmarts in the race to find the perfect match for our clients and candidates alike.

Rao, the owner of TechnoSmarts, is currently in the process of hiring additional recruiters to join our team.  I asked him which attributes he observes when interviewing candidates for the available recruiter positions.  He said that he observes their people skills, propensity for hard work and whether they are hungry for money.

Our recruiters are passionate about what they do. They are positive thinkers, great listeners and can overcome any obstacle.  When asked what they like most about working at TechnoSmarts, here’s what three of our recruiters had to say:

Tom, Senior Recruiter:  “Our work environment is casual and the owner (Rao) ensures we have the tools to do the job.”

Kelly F, Senior Recruiter/Account Manager: “Great environment and good people to work with. The day goes by fast because there is always someone to recruit J”

Olivia, Technical Recruiter: “There has ever been a dull moment working at TechnoSmarts.   IT is an ever-changing industry so each day is different and it keeps me on my toes.  Being somewhat new, the employees of TechnoSmarts help me grow and motivate me every day to achieve my goals.  It’s great to be part of such supportive team.”

Producing High Quality Solutions through High Quality People – So much more than a memorable slogan.

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