Let’s talk targeted resumes.

While many people have one set resume they distribute to every job opening they apply for, a targeted resume is written and adjusted to meet the needs of a specific job opening.  Targeting your resume can help highlight specific skills and experiences that the hiring managers are looking for.  This means for every job you apply for, your resume will be slightly altered to best fit that needs of that position.

Taking the time to adjust your resume for every position can be tedious at times and a bit time consuming.  However tiring i can be, it really does show the hiring managers that you are a great fit for the position and will improve your chances of getting an interview.

According to Alison Doyle with The Balance Careers, the easiest way to target your resume is to include a summary or profile at the top of your resume and edit this to best match each job description.  Carefully read through the job description and make sure the role is a good fit for you. Next, pick out the key responsibilities necessary for this position. List the experiences, accomplishments, and education you have that  you feel would best align with this position which you would like to highlight at the top of your resume in the profile section.

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