Specialized Consulting

Our mission at TechnoSmarts is to be a world-class leader in providing cutting-edge solutions and unique information technology resources for our clients. TechnoSmarts was founded by Rao Vallabhaneni in 1997 as an information technology (IT) staffing firm that provided world-class IT consultants. Today, we support many clients that require a staffing partner with nationwide coverage and scope.

What’s our most critical success factor? Our ability to listen and understand a client’s needs.

Once we have gained a clear picture of a client’s business objectives, we work together to develop a plan of execution that will guarantee success. Our leadership skills, knowledge and resources, combined with our dedication and experience, provide a successful framework with which we can approach complex business challenges.

TechnoSmarts has been awarded the 2019 Best of Chesterfield Award in the category of Computer Software Consultants.  This marks the 6th consecutive year of receiving this prestigious award, putting TechnoSmarts in the Business Hall of Fame.

Rao Vallabhaneni_image

Rao Vallabhaneni is the President of, and driving force behind, TechnoSmarts.

Unique Leadership

It’s not every day you find a staffing agency president who also served as director of a pharmaceuticals company and worked in cancer research. But it’s this unique background in the sciences that gives Rao Vallabhaneni the analytical skills necessary to run a successful business. Rao completed a Fellowship at Harvard Medical School, was a Faculty Member of Washington University Medical School and served as a Director for a major pharmaceutical firm. Rao is an educated business man in technology and a true leader in the staffing industry.

With 20+ years in IT staffing and consulting, Rao understands the benefits of validating skills and experience with true talent checks and reviews while understanding how qualified consultants bring successful assistance in applying technology and professional services for our clients.

In 2015, Rao expanded his reach on industries by founding staffing agencies in Finance/Accounting and Healthcare. Visit Xcel Finance and Accounting and New Healthcare Solutions for more information.

Rao enjoys Yoga and Tae-Kwon-do, currently holding a fourth degree Black belt. He is actively involved in raising funds for several organizations including Bright Life Foundation that supports orphans and children born with AIDS.